Periodic warehouse racking inspections

Do not wait for an accident - order a professional survey of your racks.

Heavy Duty Construction will perform for you a survey of all types of shelving and other storage structures.

The survey consists in visual assessment of the condition and completeness of the installation according to the documentation provided and in performing necessary measurements of rack elements deformation under load and deflection of pillars from vertical. Our service personnel also check how a the rack is used and how cargo is stored, and if any irregularities are discovered, they communicate appropriate recommendations to the user.

Specific construction of shelves does not allow any damage, since it has a direct impact on the load capacity of the structure and hence a direct impact on the safety of the people working and the stored goods. HDC performs periodic technical surveys of racks

The surveys are conducted in accordance with the indications of the PN-EN 15635 standard

HDC's shelving safety experts perform periodic inspections of racks, involving, among others:

·         Identification of defects and irregularities.

·         Measurement of deflection of selected pillars from the vertical.

·         Checking the completeness of rack structure elements.

·         Checking of the correctness of shelves assembly.

·         Verification of documentation and labeling.

·         Preparing a report containing recommendations for further use of shelving.


We guarantee:

·         Trained and experienced personnel,

·         Competitive prices,

·         Schort lead times


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Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 26 September 1997 on the general rules of health and safety requires that the employer ensure systematic control of health and safety conditions at work with particular emphasis on the organization of work processes, the technical condition of machinery and other equipment as well as determining the methods of registering irregularities and the ways of remedying them.