Installation of storage racks

One of our main services is the installation of pallet, high storage and other types of storage racks, and preparing them for use in the facility.

We install shelving and warehouse structures from different manufacturers and of different types:


We assemble traditional shelving types:

·         pallet racks - row-type

·         pallet racks - mobile/portable

·         pallet racks - flow-type

·         push-back racking

·         cantilever racking

·         shelving

·         all types of platforms and mezzanines


We offer assembly of racks for the following automatic storage types:

·         AKL racks (miniload)

·         radio shuttle racks

·         shelving on mobile supports

·         self-supported warehouses with stacker cranes

·         vertical storage


Our team of specialists can make the optimum use of the available space and can make getting around it both comfortable and safe. We can adapt to individual needs and preferences of our Customers to make sure the results are always as expected.

We also offer disassembly of shelves, working efficiently and with the basic safety principles in mind.

The quality of our services is confirmed by numerous certificates obtained by our company. We know perfectly well how to plan warehousing space in your facility.

Contact us. Our representatives will prepare a quotation for you.
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