Our mission:
We assemble racks and automated warehouse elements on time and with precision, in accordance with regulations, norms, and the highest market standards.

HDC is a professional assembly company specializing in the assembly, disassembly and inspection of all types of racking and warehouse constructions, as well as the comprehensive assembly of automated rack systems – the assembly of mechanical and electrical components. We cooperate with the largest rack and automatic warehousesystem manufacturers.
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We provide our services in Poland and throughout the European Union. We have civil liability insurance and have builder’s risk insurance.  HDC’s workers are permanent employees, with all legally required tests and credentials. Employees delegated to work abroad are delegated in accordance with EU laws, are insured in case of accidents at work and during the commute to work. 

HDC’s assembly of warehouse racks and steel construction is carried out in accordance with PN FEM norms as well as occupational safety and health and fire safety regulations. Our employees have all required qualifications for the operation of forklifts and lifts used during assembly work.

We complete all orders on time, in accordance with technical standards and with great accuracy and diligence. Our team is experienced and very well prepared. Our workers are specialists in the field of steel construction assembly, machine mechanics, electrical systems and electomechanics. 

If you are looking for a reliable and qualified business partner, HDC will excel all your expectations. Our objective is to meets our customers’ demands and requirements and to be a trustworthy partner.