Assembly of warehouse and industrial automation systems

We provide comprehensive assembly services for warehouse and industrial automation systems (mechanical and electrical installation).

Individual elements of warehouse automation system allow to reduce the time and frequency of manual operations, as well as to reduce the space required for installation. They enable branching and combining routes, picking, acceleration, blocking and positioning of loads by using modern lifts, tables, pushers, conveyors and drives. It guarantees excellent performance and reliability.

We offer:

·         stacker cranes assembly - box and pallet stacker cranes

·         installation of elevators and conveyors

·         installation of mobile supports

·         installation of carousel racks

·         installation of industrial robots

·         assembly of machines and production lines

·         assembly and welding of guide rails for machines


We guarantee prompt provision of services, while maintaining the highest standards. Our assembly crews consist of skilled mechanics, electrical mechanics and electricians, which allows us to complete any job, even the most complex one.

The quality of our services is confirmed by numerous certificates obtained by our company.

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